About Us

Welcome to Russ-Harbour Real Estate School, where expertise meets excellence in real estate education. With over 20 years of combined experience teaching real estate, we pride ourselves on being a trusted institution in the industry. As proud members of the Florida REALTOR® Faculty, our dedication to imparting knowledge is unparalleled. Led by owners who are not only licensed real estate instructors and active brokers but also Graduates of the prestigious REALTOR® Institute (GRI). Our dynamic, engaging, and entertaining teaching style ensures that learning is not only informative but also enjoyable. Join us on a journey of discovery and empowerment in the world of real estate.

Headshot of Robert "Opey" Russ
Robert “Opey” Russ, GRI
Lic. Real Estate Instructor / Owner
Robert “Opey” Russ is more than an instructor; he’s a beacon of inspiration and mentorship in the real estate world. With a wealth of experience as a Licensed Real Estate Instructor, he has empowered thousands of students to achieve their goals and excel in their careers. Beyond the classroom, Opey has extensive experience as an Agent and Broker in residential, commercial, and investment real estate. His teaching style is dynamic, engaging, and occasionally unconventional, creating an environment where students thrive and excel. Opey is sought after as a consultant in the areas of brokerage development, contracts, technology, efficiency and ethics, As lead instructor / Owner at Russ-Harbour Real Estate School, he continues to shape the industry and inspire others to reach their fullest potential.
Melissa Harbour-Kratish Headshot
Melissa Harbour-Kratish, GRI
Lic. Real Estate Instructor / Owner
Melissa Harbour-Kratish possesses a remarkable ability to connect with others effortlessly. Her warm and welcoming demeanor instantly puts students at ease, making her a natural at building relationships. With a background as a former director of nursing, Melissa brings a compassionate, understanding, and patient approach to her classes. As a licensed real estate instructor and co-owner of Russ-Harbour Real Estate School, she combines her sharp interpersonal skills with her extensive expertise to guide and support others on their journey to success in real estate. Melissa’s dedication to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment ensures that all who cross her path feel valued and empowered.